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Night view of Greendale Cinema.

City of Greendale


The Greendale Redevelopment Commission (GRC) works diligently on various projects to retain existing jobs, bring new jobs to the area, increase our overall tax base, and improve Quality of Life in Greendale. During past years, our focus was on sourcing partners to help Greendale ease our housing shortage. This resulted in our partnering with a local developer who broke ground in 2021 on The Crossing at Tanners Creek, an 80+ united single-family residential PUD development. We have been meeting with various developers regarding multi-family projects in our TIF area.

2023 Projects Include: 

  • GRC continued to work closely with the DCTVB on a Gateway Beautification Project for the I-275/U.S. 50 Corridor. All funding was approved, and the project was completed in the fall of 2021.

  • GRC funded a landscaping project at our Belleview/Ridge Avenue location to improve gateway to Greendale Proper. We will continue to work to clean up this area during 2024. 

  • GRC and City of Greendale had approved funding, with TIF dollars, for Phase I of our Trails Master Plan to improve Quality of Life in Greendale. This project, the Greendale Tiger Trail, was completed in 2022. GRC has adopted an updated trails plan to connect to Ohio and Lawrenceburg. Tri-State Trails assisted in GRC applying for a Next Level Trails Grant, funded through IDNR. 

  • GRC worked with a developer on infrastructure on their parcel(s), with a Mike's Carwash and Dunkin completed and opened during 2023. 

  • GRC has continued our work of cleaning up the South Entrance into Greendale, with the goal of creating greenspace

In Spring of 2023, GRC, along with Greendale City Council, approved updating the U.S. 50 Corridor Strategic Plan. This project will also include updating and implementing a Unified Development Ordinance and will be completed during 2024. 


GRC continues to focus on projects included in the updated Comprehensive Plan that GRC funded, by beginning projects included in the Plan, and meeting and negotiating with prospective developers.

Discussions continued with prospective developers and the owners of the Old Argosy Surface Lot on U.S. 50 regarding infrastructure improvements and development opportunities.


GRC provided approximately $142K in funding to Lawrenceburg Community School Corp for ongoing safety programs and improvements to facilities.


GRC staff assisted with One Dearborn on countywide projects during 2022, such as a business retention and expansion program, a Countywide Master Trails Program, and other aspects of the One Dearborn Pillars. 

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