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REMINDER: The Greendale Pool has new hours of operation! The pool will be open noon to 6:00pm daily.

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City of Greendale Government

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View a list of Greendale's various leaders, employees, and board members, with contact information.

Forms & Permits

Access the essential forms and permits required for residents and businesses in Greendale.


Join our team and contribute to a thriving community through our opportunities in city services.

Mayor's Office

The Mayor's Office orchestrates the strategic vision and policies of Greendale, overseeing citywide initiatives and serving as the primary liaison among city departments, the community, and external agencies. Tasked with leadership in public affairs, community development, and fiscal management, the Mayor's office ensures the city's progress and adherence to its values.

Clerk Treasurer

The Clerk Treasurer, with a four-year term and no term limit, holds a status equal to the Council and Mayor, focusing on financial management rather than setting wages or budget approval. This role has evolved from bookkeeping to crucial financial oversight, guided by Indiana Code 36-4-10, significantly impacting the city's fiscal health.

City Manager

The City Manager, serving as the Chief Administrator for the Unsafe Building Department, manages daily operations across multiple departments, oversees budgets and staff, and ensures compliance with regulations. Reporting to the Mayor and city boards, this role also involves attending all major municipal meetings.

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City Council

The term of office of a member of Common Council is four years, beginning at noon on January 1 after election and continuing until a successor is elected or qualified.

A member of the Council must reside within the City and the district from which the member was elected.

The Clerk Treasurer is the Clerk of Council. Common Council is Governed by IC 36-4.

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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department is committed to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in Greendale through diligent enforcement of building codes, zoning laws, and property standards. By ensuring compliance, the department supports the safety, health, and aesthetic appeal of the community, fostering a vibrant and orderly environment for all residents and businesses.

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The Greendale Redevelopment Commission (GRC) is dedicated to job retention and creation, tax base expansion, and quality of life improvements. Recently, the GRC has focused on addressing the housing shortage, notably through a partnership on The Crossing at Tanners Creek, an 80+ unit development, and exploring multi-family projects in the TIF area.

Board of Works

In a third class city, the Board of Works consist of three to five members appointed by the Mayor. The Clerk Treasurer is the Clerk of the Board. The Board of Works is governed by IC 36-4-9-8.

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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission, comprised of seven appointed officials and citizens, evaluates projects for adherence to city ordinances and advises the City Council on zoning and subdivision code changes. Members serve staggered four-year terms, ensuring diverse representation and continuity. The commission, which meets monthly, plays a pivotal role in shaping Greendale's development and maintaining its community standards.

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is a five-member board, appointed to ensure fair application and interpretation of city zoning laws. It includes members appointed by the Mayor, the City Council, and the Planning Commission, ensuring a balanced representation. The BZA reviews variance requests and appeals, facilitating public hearings for community input. Meeting monthly, this board is crucial in resolving zoning disputes and ensuring compliance with the City Code.

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Park Board

The Park Board is a group responsible for the stewardship of Greendale's seven parks, ensuring these vital community spaces are maintained, improved, and enjoyed by all residents. Through careful management, the board oversees the enhancement of recreational facilities, the preservation of natural beauty, and the organization of community events. Their commitment helps ensure that Greendale's parks remain inviting and accessible for leisure, play, and environmental education.

Tree Board

The Tree Board is committed to fostering a greener Greendale by overseeing the care, preservation, and planting of trees within the city. With a focus on enhancing urban forestry, this board works to ensure that trees—a critical component of the city's ecological and aesthetic landscape—are nurtured and protected. Their efforts not only beautify our community but also contribute to environmental sustainability and the overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

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