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REMINDER: The Greendale Pool has new hours of operation! The pool will be open noon to 6:00pm daily.

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Encroachment Permit

Encroachment Permit

This application shall be the formal request to encroach or make an improvement(s) on, under, or above City property and those public rights-of-way. Applications for encroachment will not be accepted unless accompanied by a completed application, project plans, proof of general liability insurance, payment of application fees, and any supplemental documentation which may be deemed necessary (i.e. performance bond, maintenance bond, agreements).

Applicant Information

Contractor Information

(If different from above)

Work Location

Project Description

Requested Start Date:
Estimated Completion Date:

By placing a signature below, the Applicant acknowledges, understands, and agrees to the accompanying Terms and Conditions for Encroachment Permit and will abide by all terms and conditions as more fully described herein.

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