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REMINDER: The Greendale Pool has new hours of operation! The pool will be open noon to 6:00pm daily.

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Improvement Location Permit

Improvement Location Permit

§ 155.095 Improvement Location Permit Required; Permit Fee: Within the city, and the contiguous unincorporated portions of the county over which the city exercises planning and zoning jurisdiction, no structure, improvement, or use of land may be altered, changed, placed, erected, or located on platted or unplatted lands, unless the structure, improvement, or use, and its locations, conform with the master plan and ordinances of the city and an improvement location permit for the structure, improvement, or use has been issued.

§ 155.096 Plat or Site Plan Required with Improvement Location Permit Application: Each application for an improvement location permit shall be accompanied by a plat or site plan, in duplicate, drawn to scale, showing any information necessary for the enforcement of this chapter.

Applicant / Contractor Information

Site Information

Existing Utilities:

Project Information

Proposed Utilities:
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