Police Department

Department Description:

Greendale Police Department is the law enforcement agency serving the City of Greendale, Indiana. The department consists of 10 full time sworn police officers, 2 full-time dispatchers & 4 part time dispatchers.


Greendale Police Department investigates a wide range of crimes and serious incidents. Additionally, evidence is collected in most cases that require examination by forensic scientists. Major felony cases (Class C felonies and above) are handled by the criminal investigators assigned to the department. Detective Sergeant Kendle Davis and Patrol Sergeant Kevin Turner are assigned to the investigation division.


Officers of the Greendale Police Department respond to many types of calls, from accidents and medical emergencies to robberies and mischief calls throughout the city.


Records of cases, accidents, emergency service runs by Greendale Fire and EMS, photos, and daily activity are kept by the dispatcher/ clerks at Greendale Police Department.

Accident Reports, Title Checks and front face sheets of Case reports: $5.00

Photos:  $5 per photos, you must purchase all photos in the set

Greendale residents may also finalize a Concealed Carry Permit through our department.

To apply for a Concealed Carry Permit: Application for Firearms Permit

Greendale Officers

Badge 15-401 Chief of Police A. Dewayne Uhlman
Badge 15-402 Assistant Chief Jeffery Allen Lane
Badge 15-404 Officer Garrett Schmaltz
Badge 15-405 Officer Dustin Hatfield
Badge 15-406 Officer Scott Schnebelt
Badge 15-407 Officer Scott Spinnati
Badge 15-408 Detective Sergeant Kendle Davis
Badge 15-409 Patrol Sergeant Kevin Turner
Badge 15-410 Officer Joseph Vance
Badge 15-411 Officer Pamela Taylor



House Check Form
Voluntary Statement Form
Witness Form
Dog Complaint Form
School Bus Arm



Proof of Insurance for Accidents:  Certificate of Compliance
Greendale Ordinances:  City Ordinances










 480 Ludlow Street
Greendale, IN 47025
Phone: 812-537-1321
Fax: 812-537-1459
Emergency: 9-1-1

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Open 24/7

Chief DeWayne Uhlman

Asst. Chief Jeffery A. Lane

Sgt. Kendle Davis

Sgt. Kevin Turner