Greendale Pool

2021 Season

Pool Open: Memorial Weekend - Saturday, May 29th 

$5.00 – Greendale & Lawrenceburg residents
$8.00 – Non-residents - Out of Town/State 


$50 – Greendale & Lawrenceburg residents
$80 – Non-residentsOut of Town/State

Phone:  812-539-4785

Pool Policy eff 5/29:
All pass holders will turn in pass to front desk and will receive pass when they leave.  Daily paid patrons will sign in on log.  If pass holder forgets pass they will not be allowed in pool  NO EXCEPTIONS.    

Disciplinary Policy (Incident Reports must be filed with each step listed below)
In case of a discipline problem with patrons, there are steps to be taken in the following order (depending on the seriousness), until the problem is solved.

WARNING:  Patron is informed of the rule violation and asked to stop the activity.  Explain the reason for the rule and if the behavior is continued, patron will have to sit out or depending on the infraction, may be asked to leave the pool. 

SIT-OUT:  Patron is required to sit outside of the immediate pool area under supervision of the Manager/Asst Manager for 15 minutes. 

REMOVAL:  Patron will be referred to the Manager/Asst Manager, who will escort the offender out of the pool and determine the length of time (remainder of the day up to length determined by the Manager/Asst Manager) depending on the seriousness of the offence.

SEASONAL REMOVAL:  Patron repeatedly violates pool rules, he/she may not be allowed to use the pool for the remainder of the season.  A patron exhibiting violent, verbally abusive, menacing behavior may be removed for the season.  A patron who commits vandalism, theft, other illegal activity and/or refuses to leave when told may be removed for the season.  The Police may be contacted.  Removal for the season is not limited to the above listed behaviors.

Pool Manager/Asst Manager will notify a Park Board member whenever a patron is escorted from the pool

Welcome to Greendale, Indiana! We are very proud of our city. We offer the advantages of a small-town atmosphere in the midst of Greater Cincinnati. The residents of Greendale invite you to work here, shop here, play here, and live here.


Got a question or comment, please contact us:
City of Greendale
500 Ridge Avenue
Greendale, IN 47025

Ph: 812-537-9219