Message From The Mayor

Residents of Greendale,

In April of 2018 Greendale will launch a new service, Curbside Recycling. This venture will take Greendale’s recycling efforts to the next level. Your help and participation will be the key in making this program a success.

At the present time, Greendale’s recycling program consists of residents taking their recycling materials to the city garage located on Rand Avenue. Once there, residents must separate each material and deposit them into the recycle trailers. It’s a good program, but depends on you to do the work. Studies show that the more work required by a resident to recycle, the less material will get recycled; in a lot of cases, people will not recycle at all. We can do better!

In April of 2018, Greendale will begin Curbside Recycling. The following are some of the benefits of Curbside Recycling.

  1. Ease and Convenience. Each sanitation customer will be given a 96 or 64-gallon container. Customers can simply put all recyclables together and wheel the container to the curb once a week. The city takes care of the rest. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Note: Greendale received a $42,000 matching grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to help with the cost of the containers.
  2. Less Trash to Landfills. Recycling helps to save landfill space. More than half of the trash at landfills could be recycled. Reducing landfill usage is also good for the planet and future generations.
    Sanitation costs to the city will be reduced as well. Greendale currently pays $38.00 per ton of trash to dispose at a landfill. In 2016, the recycling cost per ton would have averaged $3.16. Not only is recycling the right thing to do, but the city has a chance to save over $20,000 per year in dumping fees.
  1. Community Pride. Greendale is a beautiful city. We pride ourselves on having great parks, beautiful homes and excellent safety departments. Our city employees are the most dedicated group of men and women, working hard to keep our city the envy of others. We now have a chance to take it to the next level. We have a chance to show other Indiana cities that Greendale has what it takes to make a program like curbside recycling work. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management, AIM, and Indiana Legislators are watching.

Over two years ago, while a candidate running for Mayor, I was asked by a lot of residents, “Why doesn’t Greendale have curbside recycling?” It was my job to look into “Why?” I consulted with experts in the field of recycling, talked to experts in the field of sanitation and looked at the best practices of other successful recycling programs. A survey was done, confirming that curbside recycling is what the majority of citizens wanted. After over a year of strategizing, a plan has been formed. I am confident that this plan will be a success. Residents have already received some information in the mail about the curbside recycling program. Further information will be sent to residents as April draws nearer. This plan will make recycling easier for our residents, will mean less trash to the landfill, and will show Indiana that Greendale can take it to the next level; curbside recycling can work here in Greendale. Working together, I know it will.


Your Mayor,
Alan Weiss     

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Welcome to Greendale, Indiana! We are very proud of our city. We offer the advantages of a small-town atmosphere in the midst of Greater Cincinnati. The residents of Greendale invite you to work here, shop here, play here, and live here.


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