2016 State of The City

It is an honor as Mayor of Greendale Indiana, to report to the citizens, the state of our city. It has been a pleasure serving during my first year as your Mayor. It has been a learning experience given my lack of political background. None the less, I am proud to say that we are moving the city in the right direction; and that direction is forward.
Before I go on, we cannot forget the great work that the former leaders of our city did the last 20 years. They laid the groundwork, their accomplishments were many, and they kept the city on sound financial ground. As we go forward, we cannot forget the successes of years past, we must build on them.  As your Mayor, it is my job to make sure that we continue to strive toward success. It is my job to make sure that we keep Greendale the great city it has always been.
2016 was a year of continued success. We celebrated the re-opening of our expanded Homestead Park, located on Dorman Ave. We also made improvements at Schnebelt Park to make it safer for those that enjoy fishing at the pond. The Greendale Pool continues to be a great attraction, as attendance increases year after year. We installed Speed Tables near our parks on Nowlin Ave. to control the speed of vehicles in those areas to protect those enjoying our parks.
The safety of our community will always be a priority. During the year, we replaced 2 police vehicles that were in constant need of repair. We also set aside monies to replace radar equipment that is out of date, or not working properly. A fund was set up for the Fire Department for future fire apparatus needs. Our Police, Fire and EMS Departments continue to be the envy of not just our county, but also those surrounding us. We have the finest group of men and women working for our Police, Fire, and EMS Departments. We must continue to support them and make sure they have the best equipment to do their jobs protecting us.
Infrastructure improvements continue to take place in our city. Water and Sewer lines were replaced on Oberting Rd. and the entire road will be resurfaced beginning the Spring of 2017. Fire hydrants were installed to complete fire hydrant protection for all the residents along Oberting Rd. Look for the Urban Road extension to take place in 2017. Water Plant improvements continue along with plans to upgrade our current and future electric needs. Our City Manager continues to look ahead to plan on the future infrastructure needs of our community.
The Greendale Redevelopment Commission continues to work very hard to promote business growth in our community, especially along US 50. St. Elizabeth Hospital will be opening a new medical facility near the end of 2017, along with other potential businesses locating near the Greendale Cinemas. Plans are in place to see some exciting developments in that area in the coming years. We continue to work with MGPI Distillers with their expansion plans, along with finding developers interested in the old casino parking area along US 50. These are just a few of the projects on a list of many that the Commission and its Director are working on.
Projects, past, present and future, could not happen without the necessary funding. We were awarded a grant in 2016, The Community Crossings Grant, from the State of Indiana, totaling over $380.000 to give us the funds to complete 2 road projects. Moneys used from our Riverboat Fund enabled us to improve our parks, maintain our safety departments and to make the necessary improvements needed to keep our city moving forward.

At the end of 2016, I am proud to let you know that the City of Greendale is financially stable.The staff at the Clerk Treasurer’s office works very hard to make sure that the money that the city spends is within the guidelines of the Budget Ordinances. In 2016, we were able to save the city over $100.000 by moving the location of a future Electric Substation to another site. As General Fund budgets for all Indiana cities tighten due to the Property Tax Caps, and Riverboat revenues shrink year after year; we must look at the way we do business, and explore areas where we can do things differently to capture significant savings. We must work hard now, think outside of the box, and work on plans that will enable the City of Greendale to remain financially stable for years to come.
One of the most important things I have learned over the last year is that our city is blessed in many ways. We have been fortunate to have a Riverboat Fund from which we have been able to fund infrastructure and park improvements. Our TIF revenue generated through the hard work of our Redevelopment Commission has also provided the funding for infrastructure improvements in our business district. There have been a lot of improvements over the years, funded without raising taxes, utility rates, or service fees. Our Police, Fire and EMS Departments continue to provide our citizens with the best safety protection in the county. We also have the finest and most dedicated employees working for our city.  We have beautiful parks, 7 of them. Compared to most cities in Indiana our size, we are doing pretty darn good.
As your Mayor, I am committed to working hard, and together with City Council, and Board and Commission members, we will keep our city moving forward.  We will continue to keep Greendale a great place to live, and raise a family. I look forward to great things to happen in 2017.
God Bless,
Alan K. Weiss

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