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The state of Indiana has opened a website to begin scheduling appointments to administer COVID-19 vaccine to eligible recipients.

The website is

The Dearborn County Local Health Department will begin vaccinations for the public on Tuesday, Jan. 12 at 10:00 AM-6:00 PM at the Lawrenceburg event center (91 Walnut Street in Lawrenceburg).

The vaccine is now available to individuals age 80 and older, as well as to licensed and unlicensed healthcare workers and first responders who have face-to-face interactions with patients or infectious material or work in a public-facing position that requires in-person contact. A photo ID, proof of age, or verification of current employment as a healthcare worker or first responder in Indiana will be required.

Due to limited supply, vaccine is available by appointment only to those currently eligible as determined by the Indiana Department of Health. That complete list will be posted to, and appointments can also be scheduled at that website beginning Friday, Jan. 8 at 9 AM. Also, Hoosiers can call 211 to get assistance in registering for the vaccination over the phone. There is no cost to the individual, but insurance may be charged an administration fee. Individuals should bring a photo ID and an insurance card if they have one.

Two vaccines, developed by Pfizer and Moderna, are currently available. Each requires two doses administered at least 21 days apart for the Pfizer vaccine and 28 days apart for the Moderna vaccine. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it typically takes a few weeks for the body to build immunity after the second vaccination.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the vaccines under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), meaning the vaccines must be proven safe and effective in the same way that all medications and devices must be. The vaccines have been found in trials to be 94 percent to 95 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 infections in participants. Side effects are uncommon, temporary and generally mild, including fatigue, headache and sometimes fever.

People who have been vaccinated may still be able to infect others, so even those who are vaccinated should continue wearing a mask and quarantining if they are a close contact of a positive case.

The best ways to protect yourself and others are to:

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands

Avoid close contact with people who are sick

Stay home when you’re sick

Cover your cough or sneeze

Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces






In response to the growing concern posed by the Covid-19 coronavirus, the City of Greendale will make some changes to reduce the risk for city employees and residents. The utility building will be closed to the public effective immediately until May 11. We ask that utility bills be placed in the deposit box or completed online.  Please contact the utility office by phone at 812-537-2125 if assistance is needed with bills or any other matters.  All city buildings are subject to limited public access and all nonessential city meetings are canceled until May 11. At this time, all other city services will continue to operate with necessary safety precautions. These changes will be reassessed weekly to determine if any other modifications are needed to further protect the Greendale community.

 The City of Greendale is committed to the health and safety of our employees and residents. We are in close contact with the Dearborn County Health Department and are carefully following the guidance provided by the Governor’s office, the State Health Department, and the CDC. We will do our best to keep the public notified of changes to our city functioning as well as provide any information necessary to keep our community safe and healthy.  We want to thank our employees and residents for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.

City of Greendale Utility Office - 510 Ridge Ave

Non Emergency access to the building is suspended. Office staff will be working within the confines of the building performing billing and permitting functions. These restrictions will remain in place until May 11, 2020, but will be reviewed for amendment weekly. 

Payments for utility bills can be made via the bill drop box on the exterior of the building to the left of the front doors. Check payments are encouraged, but cash payments will be accepted.  Any excess payment will be applied to the next months bill. Also, credit card payments can be made by calling utility staff at 812-537- 2125 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Utility bills can also be paid online by linking to the city web site at   

Improvement Location Permits and Utility Applications will still be issued for the next eight (8) weeks. Applications will be available at the front door.  Completed applications can be submitted to the city by calling 812-537-2125 wherein the applications will be accepted at 510 Ridge Ave by staff. Applications can be placed in the night drop box for processing. The applications will be processed by staff who will contact the person submitting the document in a timely fashion, to pay for and pick up approved permitsapplications or informed if additional data is required. Improvement Location Permits are available on the city’s website and can be submitted directly to the Code Compliance Officer at

Questions regarding utility bills or other utility matters can be made by calling 812-537- 2125 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  


Rand and Tanner Garages

Employees only.  Sales, delivery personnel and the general public will not be permitted to enter the building. 


Mayor, City Clerk and Redevelopment Offices - 500 Ridge Ave

Non emergency access to the building is suspended. Staff can meet with visitors on a person by person basis in the Council room by first calling the office at 812-537- 9219. These restrictions will remain in place until May 11, 2020, but will be reviewed for amendment weekly.

Non essential public meetings of all boards will be canceled until May 11, 2020.  The City will provide adequate notice per State Law if an essential meeting is to be scheduled. 



Playground equipment at our parks should not be used. All playsets and swing sets are currently roped off and closed. You are still welcome to exercise, run, walk, and walk your dogs in our parks, however, please adhere to proper social distancing, reduce size of gatherings to less than 10 people, maintaining at least 6 feet from other neighbors, clean hands with soap and water or sanitizer, cover coughs and sneezes, and stay home as much as possible to help protect yourself and your neighbors.   

The Greendale Cabin will not be available for rental until June 1, 2020. Any person who has a scheduled event at the Cabin, please call the Administration Building at 812-537-9219 for a refund.

The Greendale Pool date of opening is under review.  No date has been determined.   


The City of Greendale thanks you for your cooperation and understanding during this public health emergency. These measures are being taken to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus which in turn will reduce the negative health effects it will have on our community.  The City will work closely with Local, State and Federal agencies to monitor and update the community with COVID-19 information.    



Please refer to the following links below for more information on protecting your family from the COVID-19 virus.

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