Clerk Treasurer

In a third class city, the Clerk-Treasurer’s term of office is for four years with no restrictions on the number of terms which can be served.  The ranking status of Clerk-Treasurer is on an equal level with the Council and Mayor.  The Clerk-Treasurer does not have authority to set wages and final approval of budgets. The office of the Clerk-Treasurer has evolved dramatically from a bookkeeper and secretary to a financial manager whose responsibilities impact the financial well-being of local government. Municipal Clerk-Treasurers are governed by Indiana Code 36-4-10.



Christine Craig, Clerk Treasurer
Danielle Dozier – Chief Deputy Clerk
Beth Lansing, Deputy, Payroll Clerk


The primary function of the Clerk Treasurer is to serve as fiscal officer of the City. This person is responsible for the overall collection and disbursement of funds. Duties include:

Office duties
Notice of Regular/Public Meetings, Bids and other Legal Notices

Administer all funds
Budget preparation
Transfer of funds
Bank reconciliations
Federal and State audits
Preparation & payment of claim vouchers
Fixed assets ledger, Insurance ledger, Investment ledger
Receipt monies
Taxes & Other Revenues
County Option Income Tax (COIT)
Local Income Tax (LIT)
Property tax, bank excise tax, license excess tax
Cigarette tax, Alcohol beverage Tax, ABC gallonage tax
Local road & street funds
Motor vehicle highway funds
Park & Pool user fees
Cable TV revenue
Trash, garbage
Budget transfers & Additional appropriations
Solicitor’s licenses, Taxi licenses
Golf Cart Permits
Special donations
Fire Contracts
Court fines & fees
Property Records
Certification of maps
County Recordings
Census records
Payroll & Taxes
Employee Files & Benefits
Purchase, maintain & operate: Computers, Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Fax, Calculators & Dictation & recording equipment
Grant Management
Writing & Administration
Financial management & Auditing
The Clerk Treasurer also serves as Clerk to the following boards:
City Council
Board of Public Works and Safety
Park and Recreation & Tree Board
Planning & Board of Zoning Appeals
Duties include:
Maintain official City Records (Common Council Agendas, Minutes)
Ordinances and Resolutions
Keeper of the City Seal


Vehicle Registration
Golf Cart Application
Employment Application


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